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An innovative product, guaranteeing visible results in 5 minutes. Combining an exfoliating and regenerating action, this mask cleanses, gives a feeling of comfort, smoothes the texture, while softening and nourishing. It contains the post precious and valuable essential oil – 100 % pure Bulgarian rose oil. With regular use, the skin becomes silky-soft and renewed.


Beauty through health, purity and harmony with nature

Inspired by this comprehensive and natural approach, we developed a new line of cosmetics, REGINA FLORIS – ROSE OIL OF BULGARIA.

The use of plant ingredients of the highest quality in their most effective concentration is a main priority in our personal care products. Obtained by distillation from the oil-bearing rose ROSA DAMASCENA MILL, also referred to as the “Queen of Flowers”, Bulgarian rose oil is the most precious, expensive and difficultly derived essential oil in the world. Containing over 300 invaluable substances with marvellous effect to the human body, it is a vital elixir, used in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries all over the world. Bulgarian essential rose oil has a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and regenerating action. It is the perfect means to nourish, soften and regenerate sore and aging tissues, slowing down the process of aging at cell level. With a gentle and enchanting fragrance, the essential rose oil has a powerful aromatherapeutic action  – removing stress and acting as a potent antidepressant and aphrodisiac.


Basic principles for efficacy and safety of the products

1.The natural active ingredients are a priority

2.Paraben free

3.Without synthetic colours

4.Without ingredients of animal origin

5.Without petroleum-based products

6.Textures combining efficacy and pleasure

7.100 % pure Bulgarian rose oil added in each product

Main ingredients

100 % pure Bulgarian rose oil – a unique product – the most precious and non-toxic essential oil in nature. Replenishes the skin with vital energy.

Rosewater – anti-inflammatory action. Revitalizes and balances the skin, restructures and cleans the cells from toxins and free radicals;

Camomile extract – soothes and softens the skin;

White clay – gently absorbs impurities and exfoliates dead cells;

Aloe extract – soothes, cleanses and protects sensitive skin;

Lavender extract – soothes, energizes skin, cleanses and enhances cell migration;

Calendula extract – protects from the harmful effects of all the kinds of pollution of the modern world;

ARGILERINE® – an innovative patented formula with a pronounced „botox effect“. Smoothes wrinkles, regenerates and promotes in-depth relaxation of the muscle fibres. Stimulates cell renewal, providing a long-lasting lifting effect;

Shea butter – provides instant and lasting comfort, stimulates cell renewal, nourishes and prevents the appearance of wrinkles;

Almond oil – nourishes and softens in depth, stimulates collagen synthesis, restores the skin’s elasticity;

Olive oil – prevents dehydration, smoothes, soothes and slows down the process of aging;

Q10 – regenerates and stimulates cell renewal. Slows down the process of aging and refreshes and revitalizes the skin.

Hyaluronic acid – provides extreme hydration and an immediate lifting effect;

Vitamin Е – a powerful anti-oxidant. Protects the skin from the free radicals;

PANTHENOL – soothes, nourishes, restructures;

Restructuring plant biopeptides – provide a lasting lifting effect. Stimulate the synthesis of collagen and smoothen wrinkles.

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